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Terms and Conditions:

It is mutually agreed upon that the customer will be referred to as “Client” and Turnkey Marketing Services, Inc. will be referred to as “TMS” throughout the remainder of this contract. Both the Client and TMS agree on the following:

  • TMS will create, design, type set, print, produce and affix labels, tray, tag, and mail via presort standard mail postcards for Client.

  • Unless agreed upon differently, this contract will run for 12 consecutive months from the first mailing month and is non-cancelable by Client during the contract period.

  • Once the contract term has elapsed this agreement automatically will continue on a month to month basis until 30 days written notice is received by TMS from Client.

  • No guarantee will be given as to the actual delivery date to the recipient because it is understood TMS has no control over the U.S. Post Office. Additionally, TMS assumes no responsibility for damage to mail caused by the U.S. Post Office. Client agrees to pay increases in Presort Standard United States Postage after the date of contract.

  • TMS has the permission of Client to use their artwork including their photo and information for sales presentations and advertising.

  • Client agrees to make payments in full by credit card automatic debit or check. Client agrees to pay a deposit equal to one month’s payment upon the execution of this contract. The deposit will be applied to the Clients last month and is not refundable during the course of this contract. Client understands that changes to artwork are $35. and data entry mail list changes are 20 cents per change. There is no charge for updated mail lists if client sends an updated mail list via email and it’s formatted properly.

  • Client understands that the deadline for changes to mail lists, artwork or any other change to their account is the 5th of each month.

  • Client understands the U.S. post office does not extend credit for postage. Therefore, payment must be received before each mailing is delivered to the post office.

  • Sales tax will be added to the above pricing per card and will vary depending upon Client’s county of operation.

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